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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Why is one of my favourite books out of print?

World Book Day is a special day for any book lover. It is the day when you can share even more bookish love around the workplace, home, blogosphere or world. It is the day when you should thank authors for writing books that make you laugh, cry or become an insomniac to finish them.

Authors I love you!
Bloggers I love you!
Books I love you!

But this post is more than just me gushing over my love affair with words. It is a call to arms friends! I need your help and advice. One of my favourite all time books is out of print and I don't know why.

Here is the first book (summary from Amazon.co.uk):

Song Quest by Katherine Roberts

From the Isle of Echoes the forces of good and evil are held in harmony by those who hear and sing. When a mainlander's ship is wreeked and the Merlee half creatures are heard crying across the waves the lives of three novice Singers are changed forever. Rialle, the heroine, who hears the cry of the Merlee, is sent to calm them with Challa, her voice as sweet as sunlight. Frenn, her friend and protector, follows as a stowaway while Kherron, the rebel, allows his desire for freedom to take him into danger and a headlong clash with the enemy and their mysterious powers. All are caught up in a dangerous and sinister web, battling against the powers of darkness that threaten to destroy their world.

Any advice on how I can start a campaign to see this masterpiece back in print? Do you know of any successful campaigns to bring a book back to the shelves of libraries and book stores?

I must spread my love of this series. I guess I should start with a review. I feel a reread coming on!

Katherine Roberts, if you are out there, I love your book and I wish every fantasy lover could read it!


The Book Bug said...

Yeah, spread the blogger/book/author love! Maybe you should email the publisher, or author or whoever own the rights and go on from there. Also, is that a mermaid on the cover, because I need to get me a copy if it is! (Yeah, you guessed it. Mermaids are one of my many nerdy obsessions.)

Wait I know, why don;t you try and get a blogger thing, for lack of a better word, going on. You know, spread the word or something! I'm sure mnay others can come up with better ideas than me, but it might work!

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Ooo I don't know. But that's a very cool question. Let me know what you uncover :)

brizmus said...

This book does look amazing!
I was thinking you could, like theBookBug said, get a blogger thing going on. You could get a petition that bloggers would virtually sign saying that they want the book back in print and then you could send it to the publisher once you get a certain amount of signatures. You could also ask bloggers that have read the book to publish new reviews along with a link to the petition.
When you send it in, you could also send links to all of the raving reviews.
I dunno. . .that might suck as an idea, but I'd be willing to sign the petition. This book looks awesome!

Lauren said...

Hmmm. I feel your pain, because one of my favourite books is out of print too (Empty World by John Christopher). Maybe you could organise a one book tour, research some publishers who specialise in bringing back out of print titles, and then mail the publishers all the links. If you decide to go with 'a blogger thing', I'm in. :)

Lucy Coats said...

I'll make sure Katherine hears about this. Am sure she will be thrilled at the love! One of the best books I read last year was one of hers--I Am the Great Horse--and this sounds like one I'd enjoy too.

Lucy @ http://www.scribblecitycentral.blogspot.com

Nina said...

I havent read this book, but I am sorry that it's out of print! :(

I Want To Read That said...

What about a Facebook page? You know like 'become a fan of bringing back Song Quest'? If you had lots of interest publishers might then be interested too.

Becky said...

Wow, they are all great ideas.
I am going to give Song Quest a re-read. I feel like I can allow myself this pleasure because it is for the greater good of society. I'm normally too worried about review books and them mounting up to let myself enjoy time with a favourite. But you all need to know about the amazingness of this book.

I'm going over to Amazon marketplace to get one of the few copies left and I will organise a book tour.

I shall have to get myself a copy of I Am A Great Horse too. Thanks for the recommendation Lucy and for passing on my bookish love to Katherine.

I wonder how I set up an online petition. I bet a Tweeple knows.

Jo said...

Having not read the book (but wanting to!), I don't know if it can be considered YA or not. If it can, you could try speaking to Catnip Publishing once you have a lot fo sigs on a petition/facebook fans. I know you're aware of Catnip Publishing because of the guest post on Cat's blog - I saw your comment.

Btw, I will definitely be helping out in any way I can - let me know! :)

Ebony McKenna. said...

Happy World Book Day to you Becky.
Good luck with your campaign to get Song Quest back into print.
I would love to see Frank Muir's What-a-Mess series back in print too.

There are so many good books that a new audience would lap up. But hang on, I should be championing new books, because mine is one of them, LOL

Thanks for an awesome blog.

Luisa at Chicklish said...

What a wonderful post!

You can find Katherine Roberts here, by the way, in case you didn't already know:

Katherine Roberts said...

Becky, a huge thank you! (And thank you also to Lucy Coats, who kindly alerted me to this post).

I, too, am very sad that Song Quest is now out of print after ten years on the shelves. But I have the rights back, and also the rights to the other two books in the Echorium Sequence (Crystal Mask and Dark Quetzal). So if you are willing I'll pass this link to my agent, and maybe your outcry will persuade a publisher to reissue the series very soon.

I'll also get my unicorn to add your blog to his blog roll, because I'm sure it'll be of interest to his readers. (I'm far too shy to blog myself, so I let my unicorn-muse do it for me... he's not very good at it yet, but he's only a unicorn so you have to forgive him... it must be difficult typing with four hooves!)