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Monday, 22 February 2010

Song Quest Campaign

Song Quest is the first book in the Echorium Sequence by Katherine Roberts. It was first published by Element in 1999, then by Chicken House in 2000 in the UK and the following year by Scholastic in the US.

Song Quest is a wonderful fantasy novel which I simply adore. It was the book that made me fall in love with Young Adult Literature. I am devastated that it is now out of print. I know my students would love it. Thus, I am campaigning to get the novel back in print.

Here is the book summary from the author's website:
When a ship is wrecked on the Isle of Echoes, novice Singer Rialle hears the cries of the fish-tailed merlee, who are being hunted by the mainlanders. She is sent with a Singer delegation across the sea to the Karch, where she discovers her rival, the runaway Kherron, has been tricked by the Khizpriest into helping the enemy. Only by working together can the two young Singers rescue the merlee and return to the Echorium to break the power of the dark crystal.

Song Quest was the first ever winner of the Branford Boase Award back in 2000. Other prestigious winners include, Meg Rosoff - How I Live Now, Siobhan Dowd - Pure Swift Cry and Jenny Downham - Before I Die

Here is a quote from one of the judges from the original press release in 2000:
‘I thought it was an utterly magical book. Katherine Roberts invents a very detailed imaginary world, there are so many deft, exciting and original touches. I raced through it, occasionally moved to tears.’ The judge was Jacqueline Wilson, who is now the patron of The Brandford Boase Award. 

There are 15 five star reviews of this book on Amazon. 

My own review of Song Quest is here.

This wonderful novel is currently touring other UK blogs. Here are links to their reviews:
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I recently hosted a cover design contest for bloggers to give Song Quest a fresh new look and the chance to win a signed copy of the second book in the Echorium Sequence - Crystal Mark. The design entries I received are here. The winner was announced here

Please help me to get the novel back in print by:
  • Buying one of the few copies available through Amazon Market place
  • Writing a review of the book
  • Reading and commenting on the reviews from other bloggers and readers
  • Entering the cover design contest
  • Checking out Katherine's website and following her blog
  • Linking to this post or mentioning this campaign on your blog
  • Emailing me  (thebookette @ googlemail.com) with other ideas of ways to promote this campaign
Thanks to everyone for their support!
The Bookette

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