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Friday, 29 January 2010

Review: Suspicion (Private Series Book 11)

Author: Kate Brian
Release date: 2th February 2010 UK
Genre: I'm not too sure. Maybe realism/mystery/chicklit?
Target audience: 12+

Summary from Amazon:
Reed Brennan thought that a winter break in the islands with some of the Billings Girls, old and new, was just what she needed to recover from her traumatic last term at Easton. At first everything is perfect; relaxing, fun and elegant. But then things take a more sinister turn and suddenly Reed finds herself in danger once more. If Reed wants to survive her fateful vacation she must discover who is after her and why, before it's too late.
Suspicion tells the story of Reed Brennan who is holidaying with her rich friends on a Carribean Island. The story begins with Reed stranded in the middle of the ocean after being pushed off a boat by a mysterious attacker. Although this is the eleventh book in the Private series and I hadn't read any of the previous books, I found it easy to follow and a complete story in itself. Suspicion can definitely be read as a stand alone novel.

This book is certainly outside of my comfort zone. I'm pretty sure I haven't ever read a book like this and thus I couldn't quite work out which genre it fitted in. There is the mystery element of the story. Who is trying to murder Reed? In this way it reminded me a little of watching an episode of Murder She Wrote with a more glamourous cast. I wasn't sure who to trust. Then, there was the romantic element. Upton Giles is a British love interest for the American Reed. There was also the teen conflict and related issues which reminded me of a school story.

The reader within me actually quite enjoyed Suspicion. It was shorter than the usual books I read which made a nice change. The plot moved swiftly and kept my interest to the very end. Although I had worked out who was trying to murder Reed before it was actually revealed. I'm good with guessing murderers!

The adult within me found it harder to relate to the social ideals portrayed in the book. I just cannot relate to girls who value their Jimmy Choos and live a life of luxury and parties. I would rather wear trainers and snuggle up on the sofa with a good book. While I was suspending my disbelief though, it was great. It felt like I was reading an episode of The O.C. or 90210 which I happen to really enjoy.

Overall, Suspicion was a quick and fun read which will have a great appeal to girls who love glamour, fashion and teen conflict. Personally, I enjoy my books to have more depth, the characters to be less superficial and more emotionally developed. Having said all that, I would still read another book in this series because I do like a good mystery. Also, I really liked Sawyer and I'm hoping that Reed might open her eyes to just how great he really is but then he was the most down to earth character in the book.

Thank you to Simon & Schuster for sending me the book to review.

If you have any thoughts on which genre this book actually fits in, I'd love to hear them!


brizmus said...

Sounds like I might feel exactly the same way about this book as you do. The reader in me will enjoy it, but I'm guessing I'd have mega trouble relating to the girls.
Since it's such a quick read, I might give it a try sometime!

Charlotte (The Book on the Hill) said...

Yeah, glamour and luxury never have a big effect on me either. Maybe you could call it a Chick Lit Thriller or a Chick Lit Mystery ?

Elie said...

Sounds like an exotic setting, but I would probably have a hard time relating to the girls. I do like the fact that there is some mystery infused in the story.

prophecygirl said...

I love this series! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Luisa at Chicklish said...

This adult reader loves this kind of thing! I always think of it as a different type of fantasy. :) Thanks for a great review, Becky. I'm glad you enjoyed it more than you thought you might! I'm very impressed with your ability to guess murderers - I never manage it!

Dani. said...

I love this series!

P.S.- Its actually book 10! There was a prequel though so I dont know if your counting that or not.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Wow. Sounds great. I adore mysteries.

Jo said...

Great review, Becky! I didn't enjoy Suspicion, I have to say, it's just not my cup of tea. It wasn't awful though. I too had problems relating to the girls - I rolled my eyes so many times!

I Want To Read That said...

Hmm I might have to give one of these a go - even if it's just to meed Sawyer

Becky said...

Luisa, that is a very good point. These do have a fantasist element. I just can't get excited about characters who go to parties instead of worrying about a kidnap victim. I always get the right suspect in poirot too. LOL

Dani, you may be right about the 10 novel thing but on the info that came from S&S, it said it was the eleventh book!

Sammee, there wasn't quite enough of Sawyer for my liking. Maybe in the next book!

LovesSam said...

I have this too!! can't wait to read it now! fab review :-)

Lauren said...

I read this recently so I was intrigued to see your review pop up today. I'm glad you liked Sawyer as much as I did - he and Reed seem so right for each other! I'm not sure what genre I'd classify this book as either... I think I'd have to read another few of the series to decide that.

I have to agree with you on the trainers and books versus luxury and parties thing, too.

Nina said...

Becky, You finally read a book in the private series. LOL. As you know I am a fan of the books..okay so I havent read the third one yet, but this one sounds very nice. I have to read it....after all of the books first in the series.