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Friday, 15 January 2010

Privacy Policy

We all need to stay safe online to enjoy blogging and surfing without personal risk. This Privacy Policy is to help ensure that The Bookette is a safe place for you to do so. You need to follow these guidelines to make this policy effective.

Personal Information and Data
This blog is an open site. Anyone who wishes to read it may do so. Any comment that you leave can be seen. Please DO NOT post your email address or other contact details in the comments as this can be seen by any third party. From 14th January 2010, any comment containing personal data will be deleted by myself to help protect your online safety.

Any information submitted for entry into a contest will only be viewed by me. After the contest closes the data will be deleted and no record will be kept. Please see my Contest and Giveaways Policy for further information on the safety procedures for entrants. There is special guidance here for readers who under the age of 16.

Follower Profiles
Please remember that if you follow or comment using Google Friend Connect your profile can be viewed by any reader. Please be careful to keep your Profile free of any personal data that may compromise your internet safety. More information on safe blogging can be found here.

No cookies are used at The Bookette to track readers.

External Links
External links are used on The Bookette to promote other blogs or reading related sites. I cannot guarantee that these sites are safe. Please check their individual privacy policies to be in control of your safety.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy. I reserve the right to amend this policy as and when the need arises.

The Bookette