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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Contest Policy

At The Bookette contests and book giveaways are held to thank the followers who comment on my blogging, to promote new authors or to celebrate blogging achievements. The following guidelines are needed to ensure the online safety of participants and the efficient management of such contests.

Google docs
Each contest will require participants to complete a google docs form which will embedded into the contest post. I am the only person who will have access to this data. After the contest closes and the prize has been sent to the winner, this data will be deleted.

UK/ Europe/International Contests
Up until this point, every contest I have held has been open internationally and I aim to continue in this as I value being part of a global community. Occassionally this may not be possible as I may host a contest on behalf of a publisher. It will be noted on each contest who is eligible to enter. Please check carefully.

Under 16 Entrants
I do not which to exclude any follower from participating in a contest or giveaway. However, I do not wish to encourage anyone to put their online safety at risk. I have come to the following decision:
If a person under 16 wishes to participate in  contest, they must provide their parent/guardian's email address. In which case, if they win the contest I will contact their parent/guardian for an appropriate postal address. This way under 16s will not have to give out any personal data and may still participate in these opportunities. If I find that any person under the age of 16 has not been following these guidelines, I will block them from following my blog to protect their online safety. I want everyone to be able to enjoy the fun aspects of blogging whilst remaining safe online. Advice on internet safety is available here.

Closing Date
Each contest will have a specified closing date. Please check individual posts for details.

Publishers' Contests
Occasionally, I will host contests on behalf of publishers. On these occasions I will be required to dilvulge the names and postal addresses of the winners to my contact at the publishing house. I will make a note to this effect on any contest where this is applicable. I will also remind you of this in the winner notification email.

Winner Notification Email
I aim to notify by email the competition winners the day immediately following the closing date. I ask that the winner responds to that email within a 48 hour period. If no contact is received, then I reserve the right to select another winner. If you expect to be unable to respond around the closing date for specific reasons, then please drop me an email.

Dispatch of Prizes
Upon receiving the postal address of the winner, I aim to dispatch the prize within seven days. Sadly, I am not responsible for prizes that get lost in the mail. I also cannot guarantee the delivery date of any prize or of the dispatch date of any prize from a publishers' contest.

I reserve the right to amend the this policy as and when the need arises.

The Bookette