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Sunday, 31 January 2010

About The Bookette

Who is The Bookette?

The Bookette is me, Becky! I am a UK school librarian who is passionate about YA fiction.

Since August 2009, I have been reviewing all the YA and MG fiction that I read and the occasional adult title. I also host contests and spotlight my favourite pre-release books on my blog.

From January - December 2010 in addition to my usual reading habits, I am reviewing UK YA debut novels published this year. I am keeping a list of all 2010 YA debut novels by UK authors here. If you are a debut UK author and you would like your novel to be added to the list, please email me.

Does The Bookette accept books to review from publishers, authors or publicists?

Generally yes, please read my review policy for further information.

How many visitors does The Bookette receive?

As of 1st February 2010, I have had 4793 visitors from 54 countries. Of those, 4793 visitors 1678 have been from the UK and 1827 have been from the US.

Readers also subscribe through Googleconnect and other feed readers.

Can I contact you about a blog or book related issue?
Certainly, I am very friendly. Please visit the contact me page.