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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Review: Hush, Hush

Author: Becca Fitzpatrick

Release date: 2009
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Angel Fiction
Target audience: 13+

From Amazon:
A sacred oath, a fallen angel, a forbidden love...This darkly romantic story features our heroine, Nora Grey, a seemingly normal teenage girl with her own shadowy connection to the Nephilim, and super-alluring bad boy, Patch, now her deskmate in biology class. Together they find themselves at the centre of a centuries-old feud between a fallen angel and a Nephilim...Forced to sit next to Patch in science class, Nora attempts to resist his flirting, though gradually falls for him against her better judgment. Meanwhile creepy things are going on with a mysterious stalker following her car, breaking into her house and attacking her best friend, Vee. Nora suspects Patch, but there are other suspects too - not least a new boy who has transferred from a different college after being wrongly accused of murdering his girlfriend. And he seems to have taken a shine to Nora...Love certainly is dangerous...and someone is going to have to make the ultimate sacrifice for it.

Hush, Hush pulled me straight into the story from the prologue. I cannot tell you how unusual this experience is for me as I have a complete dislike for prologues. I just don't understand why a book needs one. Surely an excellent writer should be able to put all the pieces of their story into the novel without needing these extra parts? I'm sure many people will disagree with me so feel free to give the points in favour of prologues in the comments. Anyway, I digress. I simply want to illustrate that this book had me leaping over my own prejudices before I'd even started Chapter One.

Nora is an interesting character who is piecing her life back together after the death of her father. Her mother is working away to bring in a good enough salary so that they can keep their family home. As I reflect on this, I imagine that many families must experience similar hardships if one parent dies. Nora is responsible and a typically average girl. Patch on the other hand is anything but ordinary. I fell for him hook, line and sinker. He is dark, mysterious and quite frankly trouble with a capital T. A great and intriguing love interest that had me turning the pages and every so often looking up to tell to my family, "This book is just awesome. I love it!"

I found the plot fast moving and gripping. Although I had sussed early on who was actually stalking Nora, I didn't know why until the very end. Even if I had worked it out, I would have kept reading, such is Becca Fitzpatrick's skill of creating a compelling male lead. Vee and her complete ignorance also kept the story moving along. At times I found her annoying and certainly would have given her a few choice words if she had been my best friend.

The ending had my heart racing and me squealing with joyous triumph. I cannot wait for the next book. There is going to be a next book, right? Title anyone? Overall, I recommend this to anyone and everyone! For a fan of anything angel like me, this book is the equivalent of growing my own set of wings. If my TBR pile wasn't so high, I would start right from the beginning. Hush, Hush is fallen angel perfection.


The Book Bug said...

Great review! I can see that you really like it. I really hated Nora, though.

Anya said...

GreT rview I LOVE Hush Hush;)
And the sequel is called CRESCENDO and comes out in fall 2010

YA Vampire Books said...

Great review! I've just finished HUsh, Hush myself, and I have to agree with you - I loved the ending and I can't wait for the sequel!

I Want To Read That said...

Great review - I LOVED this book and can't wait for the next one:)

Sasha said...

I'm reading this next and I can't wait!

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Great review :) It is quite gripping. That's a great description for it.

StephTheBookworm said...

Awesome review. I've been wanting to read this one but haven't yet.

choco (In Which a Girl Reads) said...

Great Review!

I'm with you on the dislike of prologues, haha!

And I agree that that this author has a talent for keeping the reader engrossed :)

The Book Vixen said...

I loved this book! I'm a big Hush, Hush pusher :D

Justine said...

I agree with you about prologues. I don't really like them either. But this book started so quickly with the meeting of Patch. And I'm reading this right now so I CAN'T CONTAIN THE SQUEALS! It's just so darn good. Lovely review :)

Chicklish said...

It's great to hear how much you enjoyed it! I've read some of this in a free sampler - one day I'll read the rest. :)

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Awesome review! And I guess fourth-ing the general dislike of prologues. I have to agree that Becca Fitzpatrick has a way of drawing you into the story, and I love the middle, intense scenes between Patch and Nora. Can't wait to read Crescendo! :)

Lauren said...

I love how enthusiastic you sound in this review! I really enjoyed Hush, Hush too. Although occasionally Patch's behaviour slightly troubled me, the book was so absorbing that it didn't really matter.

I have to laugh at your comments on prologues. Just skip 'em!

JennM said...

Great review!! Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

Great review, I agree that prologues quite often pointless but you're right that it was good in this book. Do you have any other recommendations for angel books that you've enjoyed? Hush, Hush is the first angel story I've read & I'd quite like to read some more :o) I've added a link to this post from my review - hope you don't mind

Julia Love said...

Great review! I have a recommendation for you: Nevermore by Kelly Creagh. I read similar books to the ones you review so I'm wondering if you might like this one?
Awesome blog! Subscribed.