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Monday, 28 December 2009

2010 Debut Author Challenge

Some of my favourite bloggers have signed up to Kristi, The Story Siren's 2010 Debut Author Challenge and I am going to join them. I have been holding off posting this for as long as possible because I wanted to try find as many UK author debuts as I could within my favourite genres. I haven't got very far to be honest but I'll add more as and when I find them.

Here is the challenge info from The Story Siren:

What is the Debut Author Challenge?

The objective is to read a set number of YA (Young Adult) or MG (Middle Grade) novels from debut authors published this year.* I'm going to challenge everyone to read at least 12 debut novels! I’m hoping to read at least 30! You don’t have to list your choices right away, but if you do feel free to change them throughout the year. I will also be focusing on mostly Young Adult novels.

Anyone can join, you don’t need a blog to participate. If you don’t have a blog you can always share your views by posting a review on Amazon.com/BarnesandNoble.com/GoodReads/Shelfari, or any other bookish site.

The challenge will run from January 1, 2010- December 31, 2010. You can join at anytime!

My list of debut novels to read:
  1. When I Was Joe by Keren David UK author (Frances Lincoln, January 2010) Read my review here
  2. Mission Telemark by Amanda Mitchison UK author (Walker Books, January 2010) Read my review here
  3. Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn Dolamore (Bloomsbury UK, 1st February 2010) Read my review here
  4. Wintercraft by Jenna Burtenshaw UK author (Headline, May 2010) Read my review here
  5. The Other Countess by Eve Edwards UK author (Penguin Puffin, July 2010) Read my review here
  6. Montacute House by Lucy Jago UK author (Bloomsbury, May 2010) Read my review here
  7. The Crowfield Curse by Pat Walsh UK author (Chicken House, January 2010) Read my review here
  8. Tall Story by Candy Gourlay UK author (David Fickling Books, June 2010)
  9. Dark Life by Kat Falls (Simon and Schuster, April 2010) Read my review here
  10. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver (Hodder and Stoughton, March 2010) Read my review here
  11. 13 to Life by Shannon Delany - Read my review here
  12. Theodore Boone by John Grisham (Hodder and Stoughton, June 2010)  Read my review here
  13. The Moonstone Legacy by Diana de Gunzberg and Tony Wild (Pushkin Press, June 2010) Read my review here
  14. Mistwood by Leah Cypess (Greenwillow Books, April 2010)
  15. The Bodyfinder by Kimberley Derting (Harpercollins, March 2010) Read my review here
  16. The Line by Teri Hall (Dial Books, March 2010)
  17. The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson (Walker Books, June 2010) Read my review here
  18. Time Riders by Alex Scarrow UK author (Puffin, February 2010) Read my review here
  19. Matched by Ally Condie (Penguin Razorbill, December 2010) Read my review here

The Bookette


Lauren said...

Yay! that you've found some UK ones. I especially like the sound of Montacute House and Wintercraft, so I'll add those two to my list. I'm also adding Pretty Bad Things by CJ Skuse.

All your other choices are ones that are firmly on my wishlist and that I'll hope to get to this year, so it's good to hear you'll be reviewing them.

Oh, and what is Ondine doing on the cover of Montacute House?

The Book Bug said...

Ohhh, Motacute House and The other countess look great! I still can't figure out what to put on my list, but when I do make it, then those will definately be on their. I need The Line.

Nina said...

I dont know many of the books on your list, but hopefully I will when I read your reviews. :)
Have fun with the challenge and enjoy.

Kari (Flamingo1325) said...

I'm doing this challenge too- I am really excited for a lot of those titles! Good luck to you!

Bookalicious said...

Some great titles there! I won't sign up for these challenge, but I'll be reading quite a few of the titles on your list. I can also wholeheartedly recommend WISH by Alexandra Bullen - just finished it and it was REALLY good. I'll post my review next week! Anyway, good luck with the challenge!

I Want To Read That said...

ooh I think I may have to do 'When I was Joe', Montacute House , and 'Wintercraft' for my challenge - they sound ace. Most (possibly all?) of mine seem to be US authors so it's really nice to find UK ones:) Good luck with the challenge:)

choco (In Which a Girl Reads) said...

Awesome list!

I heard When I was Joe is really good :)

Hmm...I'm really looking forward to THE DUFF in 2010 :D

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Woo, yay for joining! And great picks there. I'll definitely have to check out those UK authors (have not heard of a single one?!), and I'm really excited for Shadow Hills, The Mark, The Line, and The Bodyfinder. I've also heard raves about Before I Fall. Good luck! :)

And I commented on the post about Going Too Far. I said a bit more there, but if you think how I think, Officer After is NOT anywhere near 40, lol. He's not even half of that.

The Story Siren said...

YAY!!!! thanks for joining the debut author challenge! I'm so exited to see that you've incorporated some UK authors onto your list! So neat! And it's an excellent list! Good Luck!

Lea said...

Great picks! I see a few I might like to add to my list!

Charlotte (The Book on the Hill) said...

Great picks ! I'm still hesitating about joining.

Oh, and indeed you could easily join the Typically British Reading Challenge ! UK authors in the list !

I've got a little something for you here :

Becky said...

Lauren, yes I noticed that Ondine had made her way onto Montacute House. They need to get a new model.

I hope to see some UK authors on your lists. I'm turning into a Locavore.

Kristi, thanks for stopping by. I'm really looking forward to the challenge. This will actually be my first one.

Jenn, thanks for answering my question on Going Too Far.

A Huge Thanks for the award Charlotte.

To everyone, I found another UK debut author today. The Crowfield Curse by Pat Walsh. Published January 2010 by Chicken House. this one is a fantasy so I will have to add it to my list.

Chicklish said...

I'm so glad you're finding UK authors for your list!

Liz said...

Hi Becky - I am very wary of these challenges! I want to do them all but am so rubbish at keeping track of them. How embarrassing! Also wanted to say: fantastic new blog and I'll definitely add you to my blogroll.

Liz xxx

Tam said...

You could add mine to the list if you wanted - My So-Called Afterlife, out now. I think you've got me down somewhere else on your blog but as this is my debut book, I thought you could pop it on your list :-)

Rebecca Herman said...

Nice list - I really want to read Montacute House and The Other Countess - since I live in the US I will probably order them The Book Depository.

Anastasia Hopcus said...

Wow! Thanks so much for including Shadow Hills on your list!