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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Review: Hunted (House of Night Book 5)

Author: P.C. and Kristan Cast
Release date: 2009 UK/US
Genre: Urban Fantasy / Vampire fiction
Target audience: 15+

The House of Night Series
Book 1: Marked
Book 2: Betrayed
Book 3: Chosen (my review here)
Book 4: Untamed (my review here)
Book 5: Hunted

WARNING: This post contains spoilers

Amazon says:
'The door closed with a sickening thud of finality, shutting my friends out and leaving me alone with my enemy, a fallen angel, and the monstrous bird creature his ancient lust had created. Then I did something I'd only done twice before in my life. I fainted.' It's all happening, though Zoey Redbird wishes it wasn't. She has her friends back, which is great. But a dark angel has taken over the House of Night, supported by High Priestess Neferet. Not so great. This leaves Zoey hiding out with the (supposedly friendly) red fledglings in Tulsa's prohibition-era tunnels. The not greatness continues. Zoey has some boy-thoughts to distract her, with a chance to make-up with super-hot-ex Eric. But thoughts of the archer that died, semi-permanently, in her arms also keep distracting her. Then he shows up as Neferet's newest minion. Well, hell. Zoey and friends need a plan to put things right, soon, if she's to keep both head and heart intact. - Not suitable for younger readers -

This will only be a short review. My opinion of The House of Night Series hasn't changed after reading Hunted (Book 5). I am still really enjoying following Zoey's exploits and I was so pleased that she at least tried to exert some control over her need to have so many boyfriends in this book.

I was really gripped by the story, I couldn't wait to find out how Zoey would challenge Kalona - the fallen angel and Neferet the House of Night's High Priestess. However, I have to say there seemed to be very little actual plot in terms of ending. In my opinion the ending reached the highest proportion imaginable on the cheesy-o-meter. It really did lack content but I hope that this is because the real battle will take place in the next book, Tempted. I ordered it from Amazon as soon as I finished Hunted. I guess this indicates two things: firstly, that I am seriously getting addicted to this series. Secondly, that I have gone over to the dark side as I am now reveling in the ludricous "teen" style these books are written in.

On a more positive note, I like the way the Aphrodite's storyline is developing and her blossoming relationship with Darius. I am also becoming quite fond of Stark. Although, I have to say I take a serious objection to Zoey's willingness to forgive the hideous thing that he does! I'm not sure the authors gave enough consideration as to how they dealt with the issue. I have to be cryptic about this because I don't want to spoil the story for you. If you read it, you'll know what I mean.

Okay, I said I was going to keep this short, so I'll just round up. Overall, I really enjoy these vampire novels despite their many flaws. If you're, looking for a more in depth review, please check out the links to my other two reviews above. These books are officially my guilty pleasure!!!


Nina said...

So i havent read the review, cause it has spoilers. But giving it four stars, means that it's a good book. I havent read the series yet, but i am willing to give it a try. :) THank you for your great review.

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Thanks for the great review! Hm, well, I did feel a little sorry for Starks, but I agree, Zoe did accept what he did a little TOO easily. Looking forward to reading Tempted! :)

Alexa said...

I love this series! I haven't had a chance to read Tempted yet, but I'm dying too!