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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Random Magic: Blog Tour Round Up

Random Magic Tour – October 17th – November 25th 2009

Author: Sasha Soren

I started this post on Thursday evening. The day after the final tour stop but my laptop was protesting and so after three hours of frustration I hadn’t finished it. I refused to give up and today, I have success.
 So November 25th was the final stop of the Random Magic blog tour. This was my first experience of being a part of a blog tour. I remember back in early October when I got an email from what I assumed was a publicist asking me to take part. I sent back a really short email saying "yes, I'd be happy to" but "I only write honest reviews". Little did I know I had just emailed back the author, Sasha Soren. It actually took weeks for me to realise I was in contact with Sasha and not a publicist. It was quite embarrassing but Sasha - who is so wonderful - found it really funny and I think that's when we became virtual friends. Or it could have been when I took the Random Magic character quiz and found out I was amoral. But that’s another story…

Random Magic sadly arrived late so I missed my tour stop. I did post an author interview but I was a little disappointed. I guess you have to expect these things when you're relying on a postal service that was in the middle of strike action. (Royal Mail and I have finally made up; you'll be pleased to hear). Anyhow, opening the parcel that contained Random Magic was so exciting. There were all these random things in the box: a rubber duck, peppermint tea, a blue feather and autumnal leaves. It was both bizarre and magical at the same time.

I read the book as quickly as I could. I really wanted to post a review for Sasha - not only because I had agreed to but - because she had put so much work into organising the tour. I posted my review and bit my lip waiting to see if Sasha would understand my viewpoint. Thankfully, she did and she is still very much my virtual friend. This is the reason I wanted to do a round up post. Sadly I didn’t get this ready in time for Thanksgiving but I really wanted to. It isn’t something we do in the UK but I wish we did. I want to give a little thanks back to Sasha for the endless tweets and emails she has sent me spurring me on to complete NaNoWriMo and for being just so friendly.

Sasha, I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say it has been a pleasure to work with you and we wish Random Magic every success!

Here are the tour highlights:

Stop 1: Michelle's Book Blog Her review said: "Random Magic is cute and quirky. I love the 'no guts, no glory' attitude of young Winnie Flapjack."

Stop 2: Amy @ My Fluttering Heart said "Random Magic by Sasha Soren is a firecracker box crammed full of crayon-colourful, whizz-happy tricks."

Stop 3: Allison @ Well Read Reviews said "There is definitely more to this story than meets the eye. Brilliant."

Stop 4: Casey @ A Passion for Books posted the tour schedule and the Random Magic book trailer.

Stop 5: Kim @ And Anything Bookish said "Henry and Winnie's adventures never ceased to end--and that only made the book more fun to read."

Stop 6: Kate @ The Neverending Shelf said "Sasha Soren combines a multitude of different plot themes and pulls them together in a way that somehow just works. There is something for everyone in this little gem."

Stop 7: Hey, it's me! I said "Random Magic is kind of like a piece of modern art. Some people will read it and be absorbed by its exuberant and hilarious details; it's twisting and digressing story. Some people will read it and think I should like this but I just don't understand it. Some people will read it and think yikes that's not for me!"
 Stop 8: My coven sister, Meri @ Elbit Blog also posted a very thoughtful review. A tiny snippet, "This book is so witty and... well, charming."
 Stop 9: Brande @ Book Junkie Reviews posted an author interview and she rounded up her review by saying, “All in all, just plain fascinating characters that capture your heart, the entire time reading this I kept thinking this would make one wicked movie ( I read a few placed others felt the same, see, I am not alone!!!) and started casting the characters in my head. I knew I was in deep then, and I know I needed to spread the word on this magical delight!”
 Stop 10: Jenny at Take Me Away said "Random Magic by Sasha Soren may be the quirkiest novel I have ever read -- in a good way! It is definitely random, and I couldn't help thinking while I read this that it definitely fit the title of the blog and it did "Take Me Away"!"

Stop 11: Ellz Readz and she had this to say "The descriptions of the locations and beings they encounter are incredible, you can tell the author is an artist because she writes with all of her five senses."

Stop 12: Mariah @ A Reader's Adventure had lots of fun posts and she shared my Random Magic alter-ego Nevermore.
 Stop 13: Cat @ Beyond Books summarised by saying "I certainly recommend Random Magic to those of you who enjoy wit and whimsy and zany adventures and British humour." Being British, I found that kinda amusing.
 Stop 14: Jill @ The O.W.L said “Once I got to the part where Henry goes into the book and meets Winnie I got into the swing of the story. And boy did this story swing along from one crazy adventure to another! It never slowed which was great. By the end I found it to be a fun story full of twist and turns and crazy characters.”
 Stop 15: Juju @ Tales of Whimsy illuminated Random Magic and gave me the idea for this post. She also had this really cool Midnight Tea thingy in her post. Juju you're my top commentator and I just adore you!!!
 Stop 16: Charity @ Keep on Booking didn't get to finish the book because life is life and things get in the way. She posted a review of the book so far in a V-Log. How innovative!

Stop 17: Alaine @ The Queen of Happy Endings posted the tour schedule.

Stop 18: Sasha took over Tina's Book Reviews for a guest post about being a writer. Fascinating stuff! Tina said in her review that “Winnie is hilarious with her doodle wit, charm and one liners like Glob head and Chum.”
 Stop 19: McKenzie @ The Book Owl got to post some amazing facts about butterflies. Okay, so I'm a tiny bit jealous!

Stop 20: Willow Raven @ Red House Books admitted, "While it's not really my cup of tea, I really do think there are others out there would very much enjoy it.”

Stop 21: Emily @ What Book is That? is waiting for Random Magic to arrive and cannot wait to review it. She posted a great author interview with Sasha.

Stop 22: Alistair @ Cerebrate’s Contemplations said “The author's dry, witty, and quirkily clever writing style is a perfect match for the plot and the setting, and the main characters (the initially out-of-his-depth Henry - who develops marvellously as a character throughout the book - and the clever, never-say-die Winnie) keep you moving on through the book.”

Stop 23: Jenn @ Falling Off The Shelf said “The world that Sasha Soren has created in Random Magic is completely and utterly engrossing. At times I had an extremely hard time peeling my eyes away from the pages.”
 Stop 24: Nicole @ Books! Posted an author interview with Sasha.

Stop 25: Bianca @ Wicked Good Books posted some exciting extras and an author interview.

Stop 26: Michelle @ The True Book Addict had this to say: “My advice to a reader of Random Magic would be to look deep inside the labyrinthine goings on throughout the book...which is really the point (hence the word "random" in the title)...and search for the real message, as I did. If you take my advice, you will not be disappointed.”

Stop 27: Andrea The Little Book Worm posted the fun character quiz and I believe she must be reading the book right now as it was her Teaser Tuesday.
Stop 28: Miss Eliza @ Strange & Random Happenstance posted reader notes about the colour red and Random Magic. Is it just me or is Elizabeth’s blog the perfect fit for Random Magic? She also posted a full-tour summary which is the other place this thank you idea post originated.

Stop 29: Eleni @ La Femme Readers was the final stop of the tour. She posted a mega finale of cool things including an author interview, a cool quiz (which I still need to take to find out which of the Nine Muses I am) and a review. Her thoughts: “The world that Sasha created was amazing and totally entertaining. Her writing style is very descriptive and quirky.”

And that’s it! All that is left for me to say is yet another Thank You to Sasha for being such a great virtual friend, I dedicate at least 10000 words of my NaNo book to you for all your support and encouragement.

Good luck with the release of Random Magic!

More information can be found at: Sasha Soren.com

You can follow Sasha on Twitter @RandomMagicTour


I Want To Read That said...

This sounds like a really great experience - I think I'd really like to participate in a blog tour:)

cat said...

Great round-up! Life got in the way of my being able to visit everyone who was on the tour, but I think this was one of the most fun blog events I participated in!

And it's true! British humour is so much different (and better!) that North American humour - unless you're Canadian and then you can sort of fit in the middle (like me!).

Jenny said...

I love how you did this round up post and took a quote from every blogger's tour! It was fun to look over.

The Book Owl said...

Wonderful review of the tour. I really enjoyed it myself. :)

Kim said...

I feel so glad to be part of this tour. It was my first. Thank you for including me in your round-up! :)

Lauren said...

Okay, awesome idea to do this. I didn't catch all the stops on this one so I'm really glad for the chance to get these snippets. I think I'll really like Random Magic - I love a quirky, off-the-wall title every now and then!

brizmus said...

What a funny story - thinking you were corresponding with the publicist but having it actually be Sasha.
I've been really enjoying following this tour around, actually.
After all the posts, I have finally been convinced that this is a book I need to read. :-)