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Monday, 30 November 2009

The Dazzling Dresskeeper Contest

The Bookette is very excited to annouce that she is teaming up with her friends at Prospera Publishing to host a dazzling giveaway. In celebration of today's official release of The Dresskeeper, I have five copies of this fantastic book to giveaway. And yes, of course, this is an international contest!

You can read my review of The Dresskeeper here.
You can read my author interview with the wonderful Mary Naylus here as well as read the sample chapters.
You can follow Mary's blog The Official History Blog of The Dresskeeper here.

The Blurb from Amazon:
When Picky's Mum forces her to look after Gran, who has dementia, Picky is accidentally transported back to the year 1685, where a man in a wig insists she is someone called Amelia and tries to kill her. Managing to get the dress off just in time, Picky returns to the present with the dress covered in blood. Who is Amelia? Is she dead? Will wearing the other dresses in the chest take Picky back in time too? And does she dare put herself in danger again?

To enter:

Follow me! Leave me a comment telling me what your dream princess ball gown would be like. I know I do have a couple of guys following me, so I realise this is a little sexist. So if you guys want to enter, you can just tell me what princely outfit you dream of wearing! Also leave me your email address so I can get in touch if you're a winner!

Here's my dream ball gown comment, just in case you're totally confused: My gown would be midnight blue. It would be floor length and have a huge puffy skirt. It would sparkle in the candle light. It would be worn with a matching velvet cape. I've been watching too much Merlin LOL. You get the idea!

Extra entries (please leave links in the comments):
+1 For tweeting about this contest
+1 For posting about this contest
+1 For linking this post in your sidebar
+1 For commenting on my review of the back

This contest will close Sunday 6th December, midnight UK time.
Under 16s, please get permission from a parent of guardian before entering.

Please note as I am hosting this on behalf of Prospera, I will need to pass on the winner's postal addresses to them.

Good luck and happy entering,

The Bookette.


brizmus said...

My dream princess ball gown - It would be pink and sparkly, kind of look like a starry night with a pink background; it would have fishnet arms and maybe have a dark lightning bolt going down the side. Oh yes!
+1 in my sidebar under the contest list
+1 commented on your review


StephTheBookworm said...

Ooh, I would love to win this book, I have been hearing lots about it.

My gown would be dark blue with a poofy skirt and a halter top. I would like it to be sparkly too.


Kath said...

I would LOVE to win this book, its been on my list for awhile!

I'm already a follower, and my dream dress would look something like this (only in pink):



Kirthi said...

+1 for posting this on my blog: http://the1bookblog.blogspot.com/2009/11/contests-and-giveaways-2.html

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Yah! I love this book! :D

PS Please don't enter me.

Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

Hmmm...my dress would have to be floor-length and red. I love red!

+1 Tweeted it!


Kelsey said...

My gown would be floor length, deep purple with light green swirls around the trim with a beaded neckline and a small train (:

+1 sidebar (thebookscout.blogspot.com)
+1 comment

kelseythebookscout at gmail dot com

The Book Owl said...

If I could have any gown, it would be the one from Bride Wars that Kate Hudson wears for her wedding. That is absolutely gorgeous. Vera Wang with a gray sash. Beautiful!

+1 commented on review


~*Ruby*~ said...

oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh.

my dream ball would have to be where it is in a castle, somewhere in the uk or ireland. its wintertime and i'm wearing the most drop dead gorgeous purple gown. it's got all these swarovski crystals and im wearing a tiara.
everyone is wearing all these white masks and having fun!

+1 tweeted on contest
+1 commented on your review

rubs.escalona [at] gmail.com

Bookalicious said...

Ooh, I'm actually reading this atm and it's so much fun! Good luck to all who enter! :)

nicoliolipoli said...

My dream gown would be a purple/violet dress with a lacy overcoat on the skirt part. It would seem gothic, but be beautiful in every way. Also, if it was dark, my butt would have the word NIKKI glowing on it(: Glow in the dark is awesome!
Im a followerr.


Josette said...

Hi, my dream ball gown would be white, sleeveless and with beautiful embroidery on the hemlines. It'll also be adorned with lace and pearls. Hmm, it already sounds like a wedding dress...haha! But I like white. :)

I'm a follower.

I mentioned this contest in this blog post.



Nikki @ Bookizzle said...

My dress would be a cerulean blue, flowing all the way to the floor, slit up the side, and sheer back with a deep v-neck and we're good to go! :)

+1 Commented on your review

Thanks for the opportunity :)
-Nikki (nikkinizzle at gmail.com)

Bhumi said...

My dream gown would be floor-length, probably white, maybe another light color, and have a sort of shimmering/glowing effect, if possible.

+1 for following
+1 for commenting on your review.


Lenore said...

I just read your review, and I am sold!

My ideal ballgown would be emerald green velvet with gold stitching in a corset top and full skirt. And a matching hooded cape of course.

I think I am following, but if I am not, I will.

My e-mail is in my profile.

Jenny N. said...

My ballgown would be very big and flouncy. It would be pick with puffy sleeves and a full skirt.

+1 Tweeted: http://twitter.com/Jullysay/status/6365146041

+1 Added to sidebar: http://jennys-books.blogspot.com

+1 Commented on review


Nina said...

I am a follower! My dreamgown would be this huge white princess dress with lots of glitter! Love it.



Marjorie said...

This would be an exciting book to win, please count me in.

I am a google reader follower.

cenya2 at hotmail dot com
My dream ball dress would be a beautiful wedding dress that I never got to wear.

Chrizette said...

I have gained a little weight recently, so I would like a long, softly draping(fairy look-alike)black dress that flows behind me :)

+ commented on review.
(does it count that I added you to my blogroll - just love your reviews)

My email is on my profile.

Bianca said...

My dream ball dress would be a long teal dress, that's sleeveless and flows behind me.

I follow
+1 commented on review.

infinitemusic19 at gmail dot com

Joana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Coistycat said...

My Gown would be a floor length velvet dress in Navt Blue with tiny silver stars all over to make it glitter in the moon light

Have tweeted about this on twitter & already follow you on there

Sadly i could not add you to my sidebar as i don't know how yet.

Good Luck everyone.

I hope this comment arrives as my last 4 attempts have crashed my computer LOL