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Monday, 14 September 2009

Review: Possessing Rayne

Author: Kate Cann
Release date: 2008
Genre: Paranormal romance
Target audience: 14+

From Amazon:
Rayne couldn't wait to get away from everything: her mum, her boyfriend, the estate. But the solitude of Morton's Keep isn't all she thought it would be. It's eerie and more than a little creepy. When she meets St John, Rayne forgets her worries; he's like no one she's ever met. So why is everyone warning her away from him? She knows there's something people aren't telling her. But how can she find out the secrets everyone wants to keep hidden ... and more importantly, know who to trust?

When I picked up Possessing Rayne, I somehow completely misread the meaning behind the title and thought the book was about stalking - that or a character being possessed by a poltergist. Well, now I've read it, I can say it was not really either of those things. Possessing Rayne is actually about a girl who is suffocating from her life on a troubled estate and feels weighted down by the responsibility of looking after her younger brother. She feels she needs a radical change before she drowns in life she has no control over. She doesn't want to be a possession. She wants to be free. I guess this is a feeling we all experience in our lives at one time or another. So Rayne finds herself a residential job at Morton Keep (a grand English estate) and goes to live in a rural village miles from her family home.

When Rayne arrives at Morton Keep, she senses a menacing presence hanging like a cloud over the grand house. However, the lure of having so much freedom means Rayne decide to stay. She also enjoys being closer to nature and feels invigorated by walking in the woods near to Morton Keep. Unfortunately, the dark and sinsiter power lurking at Morton Keep is stirring waiting for its next victim.

Although this book was not quite what I thought it would be, it is actually the type of book I enjoy. It reminds me of Kate Tiernan's Wicca series (Blood Witch etc) but I found that much more of a page turner than Possessing Rayne. There seemed to be very little that was original about the plot or the characterisation. It was a quick read but not one that really pulled you in. Rayne was a likable character but perhaps a little too judgmental and vain at times. The concept behind the sinister power was a really fascinating one and it could have been better explored.

This was a good, quick read and will be enjoyed by fans of paranormal fantasy. The gothic setting of Morton Keep created a chilling atmosphere and this was definitely one of its strengths. Overall, I liked it.


Lauren said...

I've seen this in bookstores and wondered about it. Sounds like a might-read rather than a must-read. I like the premise though.

prophecygirl said...

I ahven't read this yet, though I do like Kate Cann! :)

Also, in reply to your comment - Perfect Girl by Mary Hogan would be suitable for 11 year olds, I think. There isn't any sexual content or anything :)

Luisa Plaja said...

I love Kate Cann's books, though I haven't read this one. Interesting review - thanks a lot!